Results - How do they work?

Result Information


. Appointments are not made to review results.

.  All reports are reviewed directly by the ordering physician.

. Physicians direct staff to contact patients regarding any reporting that requires action.                 

(Including follow up visit, a needed medication, a change in a medication, additional testing etc.)

. Staff is not authorized to discuss results other than as directed by physicians. 

. If you do not hear from staff regarding a result, feel confident that it required no action. 
. Can I have a copy of my results?
The OMA (Ontario Medical Association) advises that patients are entitled to copies of medical reporting.  Providing copies is an uninsured service (not covered by OHIP) and, as such, physicians may charge for this service.  The OMA suggested guidelines for fees for this service are as follows:

"1. Cost of Provision of the Copy of Medical Records:

The OMA recommends physician charge $30.00 + $0.25 per page for each page over 20 pages for the reasonable cost of copying, printing, reproducing or transmitting medical records. This amount includes clerical labour costs,  equipment lease or amortization costs, print volume fees, toner and paper costs,electronic storage media costs, equipment maintenance costs, office lease costs for equipment and record storage space and other costs of similar nature."

Our office fee guide for photocopying services is calculated as follows:
$30 (first 20 pages) +
$0.25 per page thereafter
(The office provides a pre-service estimate of uninsured services)
NOTE: The "Usual" period of time that reporting is recieved for review by physicians
                                        for various "Standard" testing is as follows:
~ Bloodwork:
    . Standard (e.g. CBC, Cholesterol, PSA, Glucose etc.) = within 3 days
    . Public Health Testing (e.g. STI's, H Pylori, Hepatitis, Immunization status etc.) = within 4 weeks
~ Pap Smear = within 4-6 weeks
~ Xray = within 3 days
~ Ultrasound = 7-10 days
~ CT = within 10 days
~ MRI = within 10-12 days
~ Mammography:
    . Under 50 years of age = within 7-10 days
    . Over 50 years of age = contacted directly by the OBSP (Ontario Breast Screening Program)
        with results and any follow up management needs or suggestions).
~ Colonoscopy pathology = within 4 weeks
Reminder: these are general reporting trends.  Should a report contain and "URGENT" result, processing departments fast track reporting to the ordering physician and patients contacted accordingly.